Wednesday, March 11, 2009

C'mon in and take a peek . . .

We have always loved the look of a Slate Sink so when it came time to update our Pantry Kitchen we decided upon a custom sink by Sheldon Slate, located right here in Maine. For the countertops we called on our good friend Cindy Hamilton from Americana Workshop in Kennebunk, ME. She was able to track down old wood which she planed down and refinished to complete the look. Please take a moment to visit Cindy's shop & website. She makes the most wonderful reproduction pieces, many of which you will see throughout our home.

In the Summer Kitchen we installed an Antique Copper Sink, from Americana Workshop. It has the most wonderful patina and looks just perfect with the old wood countertops. Rosemary, one of our most favorite herbs, sits upon the windowsill to soak up the sun. To give this room more of a herbally feel we hung dried flowers from a ladder above the sink and decorated with assorted garlands, like the Gourd Garland which hangs to the right of the sink.

The Deacon's Bench, shown here in our Dining Room, is one of the very first antique pieces we purchased for the house. We softened the look with a matching pair of coverlet pillows. An antique mirror hangs above the bench on the original mirror board. To the left of the bench we hung our Long Cellar Rod . It fits perfectly in small areas.

This Living Room Mantle surrounds one of three working fireplaces throughout the house. We have adorned the mantle with Green Glass bottles (as seen in our catalog,) antique books, old spectacles & silhouettes. A hand-stenciled Fireboard by Hope Angier covers the fireplace during warmer months. We offer several hand-stenciled Fireboards in our catalog.

The Cannonball Bed is the focal point of the Master Bedroom. It stands sturdy and handsome in Black over Red crackle finish. For a primitive look Noel made simple curtain panels from Linsey Woolsey and used jute to hang them on square head nails in the windows. Jute was also used as the tiebacks.


Linda / Behind My Red Door said...

How exciting!!Your blog looks wonderful and I can't wait to follow you in this journey. I hope that this helps increase awareness in all you offer.

I'll be back often!

hugs, Linda

Tomatoe Creek Prims said...

Hi and welcome to blogland!
Love your home! I'll add you to my blogroll and hope this also will increase awareness for you!

basketsnprims said...

Hi and welcome to blogland. You have such a beautiful home and thank you for sharing the links.

Constance said...

You have a beautiful home and I love your blog. I'll be visiting often.

Autumnmom said...

Very nice!

Such beautiful pictures. And a shop to look and dream in!



~Judy~ said...

WOW! Your home is just beautiful. I can't wait to see more. Congrats on your blog.


Martha said...

OMG, this is wonderful, I really enjoyed your blog! LOVE your home, it is so lovely, I will be back many, many times!

Denise said...

Welcome to blogville! I can't wait to see more!!

Have a great day, Denise

UPON A HILL said...

Welcome to the blog world. Every picture is very beautiful. I look forward to your future blogs. Best to you.

Sandy said...

Now I know why Linda from Behind my Red Door sent us over here. What a beautiful home!!! I just love it!
Can't wait for more...


Holly Hills Primitives said...

This was just a tease, right? I'll bet everyone is wanting more, I know I do. Just beautiful!! Dawn

the primitive country bug said...

Your home is just beautiful! I see you're located in Maine. I'm in Maine as well. I will certainly have to take a day to come to your store. It looks wonderful and I just got my first catalog not too long ago.
I hope this blog generates more business for you. I've added you to my bloglist as well.
Blessings~ Birgit

Lisa said...

WELCOME TO BLOGLAND!! I truly love looking at your shop site/magazine, but your blog is quite nice as well. Can't wait to follow your blog a bit closer. Your home is beautiful. Adding you to my blogroll now.

Prim Blessings,

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