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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

See What’s New . . . Canvas Oil Paintings


 A Sampling of the Hansens Work

We look forward to finding new & exciting items each year for our mail order catalog and website.  Imagine our delight & surprise when a valued customer of ours from New England approached us with their beautiful works of art.

Lovers of the Colonial style, Jane & Barron Hansen, found it difficult to find the pieces that they wanted to adorn their home.  Since they were always good at design & decorating they decided to use their self-taught talents to produce these beautiful Theorem style oils on canvas.   Jane & Barron work on most of the oil paintings together. Jane preps the canvas, applies the crackle process followed by stenciling and shading in her own style. Then Barron details the finer line work and shading. This is then finished with several coats of aging medium.


We hope that you enjoy these new works of art as much as we do.  We know they will look spectacular in any home.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Accent Pillows

A fresh selection has just arrived! Soften any room in your home with Accent Pillows featuring patterns from the 18th and 19th centuries. Add several to a couch to make it look more inviting. Accent an Antique Settee or bed (see below) or toss one in a Windsor Chair to make your house look warm & welcoming. Available in Brick or Blue in several sizes. Cotton/Acrylic. Each pillow has a solid linen colored backing.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Late Afternoon Light

There is something fascinating about late afternoon light finding its way thru a window to play fanciful tricks with ordinary items in your home. Passing thru the Summer Kitchen one afternoon we couldn't help but notice how the light played off of the Wax Pomegranates resting in these Wooden Bowls. We felt it was worth grabbing the camera to take a shot. Our wax fruit looks great resting in a bowl, lined up on a mantle or on display in Glass Jars. Each piece of fruit is realistically molded and lightly dusted with a fragrant mix of spices! The bowls rest upon a striking Black & Mustard Orange Peel Placemat.