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Saturday, August 1, 2020

August 2020 Desktop Calendar

Happy August!
Never forget what day of the week it is with our handy Desktop Calendar for your home or work computer.
This month's desktop image is from a recent trip to Concord, MA to admire several historic sites. Pictured is the Capt. William Smith House located in the Minute Man National Historic Park. Capt. Smith was the commander of the Lincoln Minute Men and brother to Abigail Adams. His farm was the second largest in Lincoln, MA. When he received word from his neighbor Mary Hartwell that the British Regulators were marching to Concord, he rode into the Lincoln town center and rallied his minute company. They were among the first to arrive in Concord later that morning. As the British column passed by here later that morning, a mortally wounded soldier was left behind. The Smith family dressed his wounds and cared for him for three or four days before he died. Thinking he had caused the good family hardship, the soldier told them that they would find a gold sovereign in the lining to his coat pocket. He is buried along the battle road, east of the house near Folly Pond.  Enjoy!
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Be sure to check back next month for a new calendar image for September.