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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Rosalie asks - "Are your Floorcloths washable?"

Absolutely!  To care for your floorcloth simply mop it as you would your floor, using any gentle cleaning product that you dilute with water.  DO NOT USE alcohol or ammonia based cleaning products,  If unsure, blot test on the reversed glued edge.  If you spill liquids or your pet has an accident, the floorcloth should be mopped immediately or the liquid may create water spots on the piece.  Once you have cleaned your floorcloth, make sure that the floorcloth is dry before placing any furniture on top of it.

Here are a few other tips for extending the life of your floorcloth -
Regularly rotate your floorcloth like you would your mattress.

To prevent uneven wear patterns on uneven floors, ie: slate, brick, etc... place newspapers under your floorcloth.

If your floorcloth tends to slip on the surface on which it lays you might try using double stick tape (carpet tape) or a thin mesh pad to keep it in place.  We have several floorcloths in our own home and find that we don't need anything underneath to keep them in place, especially if furniture rests on top to keep them in place.
If you just purchased a custom floorcloth that was created specifically for you, please be aware that the paint is still "green" and will need 3 to 4 weeks (or longer in humid conditions) to completely harden.  Aggressive cleaning, heavy furniture, high heels and animal urine are some of the things that we know can and will damage an un-cured floorcloth.  We recommend letting your floorcloth rest in an out of the way spot or if needed sooner, at the very least make sure you place felt pads under any heavy furniture that will rest on top of the piece, until the curing has taken place.

Over time, your floorcloth will need to be refinished.  All types of flooring start to wear eventually.  We use water based varnish applied with a 4" foam brush.  Clean your floorcloth first before varnishing to prevent dirt from being trapped under the varnish.

We hope that these tips help to extend the life of your floorcloth.  If you have questions regarding your existing floorcloth or if you planning to purchase please feel free to call us at 888-887-1820.

We look forward to hearing from you
- Noel & Verge