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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A Note from Noel and Verge

Hello Friends ~
My, my how quickly time flies!  Where did the first half of January disappear to?   With the Holiday Season officially behind us we find ourselves once again enjoying the start of a brand new year full of optimism, hope and promise!  We were thrilled to hear from so many of you last year via our blog and facebook page!  With so many questions and comments we took the time to think about how to enhance our social media connection with you this year.

What better way than by providing practical, useful and inspiring content that covers topics that enhance our homes and lives while complimenting your interest in Circa Home Living.  We continue to believe its important to reinforce our connection as friends by sharing interests, stories, advice, opinions, information, inspiration, encouragement and a laugh or light hearted moment as needed.

As you might know, we are both passionate about 19th century styled homes and period wares, and as you might expect it takes time to realize the potential of any home.  Whether it's lighting, mouldings, furniture, floor treatments or finding the perfect coverlet, choices and decisions are at every turn.  A home is always a 'work in progress', an ongoing investment of time, patience and money.   We might not have all the answers but we have lots we want to share with you this year and hope that Circa Home Living provides the inspiration you are looking for!

Here's to a Happy, Healthy 2012!

Ever your friends,
Noel and Verge (Elphie too!)

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