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You might be thinking, what could Circa Home Living and LOST possibly have in common? We received a call from Carol, a set decorator who wanted to place an order for our battery operated candles, flicker bulbs, primitive candle rods, assorted tin sconces and hand-forged iron pieces. She explained that the items would be used to dress an early 1800’s cottage scene, set in the Canary Islands. This definitely piqued our interest. When asked what movie this was for, we were told that it was for the hit ABC series “LOST!” We could barely contain our excitement as this has been one of our favorite shows for the past 6 years.
Our items appear in Episode 9 of the sixth season entitled “Ab Aeterno,” and the episode focuses on the back story of the very mysterious Richard Alpert.
Keep in mind that when a set is dressed with products you never know how much you will actually see in the finished product. We know this from past experience where we have seen fleeting glimpses of a Wall Box, Pewter Candlestick Holder or Outdoor Lantern - to name a few. It is exciting nonetheless to know that we have contributed in a small way to this groundbreaking show.  Enjoy!
Some of the items that appear in the episode are shown below. Most are available for purchase by clicking on the specific item.

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Country Living | August 2008
That's our patio on the cover!
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